hi, i'm emily lord. i'm a self-taught photographer who grew up on the coast of maine. i've been making photographs since i was 12.

inspiration is hard to pin down, but for me it happens after at least 15 minutes spent doing a sustained activity outdoors (walking, hiking, gardening, canoeing, beach combing, wildlife tracking, doing trail work, and pulling invasives are a few of my favorites). i'm my best self when i take daily walks on 1-3 variations of the same place. it's a walking meditation and effort to know the place where i am more deeply. i'm a light hunter in the northeast forest, searching for hemlock boughs that twinkle with flecks of gold, finding new adventures–likely with my partner and our four legged friend. 

i'm dedicated to protecting this earth that gives me all my inspiration, all my joy in sharing it with others, and all the cultures and communities that make our lives rich. i hold an m.s. in sociology and b.s. in women's studies and sociology. after graduate school in the midwest, i longed for a more embodied life doing what i loved: spending time in nature. i traveled the country leading youth volunteers on conservation work projects in national parks and forests. currently my work involves getting people outside in new england with nature groupie.  i also volunteer as a board member for my local land trust that works to protect forests, farms, water and greenways in an often overlooked, but incredibly wild and scenic part of new hampshire.

want to work with me? i'm based out of southeast new hampshire, the lakes region, and seacoast and am available for hire for portraits (of people or pets in a nature-based setting), events (modest weddings or gatherings) and natural landscapes. please contact me for rates as they will be dependent on what you want. i'm willing to work with nonprofit organizations, individuals with financial constraints, or exchange services. 


examples of my work are throughout this website & my photography has been published digitally and in print:

Nature Groupie

UNH Cooperative Extension's Radius

State of Our Estuaries WebsiteReport, Municipal Guide, and Citizen Guide

University of Minnesota Press (1)

New Hampshire State Parks

American Eagle

Land Trust Alliance

Student Conservation Association (1) (2) (3)

Ocean Conservancy's International Coastal Cleanup Website (1)

Annual Reports for Conservation Organizations such as: Harris Center for Conservation Education (1